Knowledge on Tap At The Traffic Jam and Snug: Perils From Space!

Knowledge on Tap At The Traffic Jam and Snug: Perils From Space!


Knowledge on Tap is back with its second installment. If you missed it the first time, it is a speaker series put on by Wayne State University.  Best part about it, you can drink beer while you participate!

Every other month the University hosts a live-and lively discussion with some of the Universities greatest minds at one of the bars and restaurants around Midtown. It is informal and requires no specific background knowledge. They are set up to enhance learning and spark discussion about a particular topic. Everyone and all ages are welcome.

This month Knowledge on Tap will be hosted at Traffic Jam and Snug, 511 W. Canfield St., Detroit. It is this Thursday March 20 and the Discussion begins at 6 p.m.

Featured this time around is one of Wayne State’s Physics and Astronomy professors, Claude Pruneau, he will be present “Perils from Space! How the dinosaurs disappeared and so could we.. and what we can do about it.”

Professor Pruneau won Wayne State University’s President Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2006. He is both a professor of Astronomy and Physics. He will be able to shed some pretty interesting light on what lurks out there in cosmos and how it could alter the version of life on Earth as we know it. Pruneau is also actively involved in helping make physics fun and approachable for local high school kids around Detroit.

Some of the upcoming topics include breakthroughs in art, poetry, local history, space exploration and urban archeology.

These are laid back discussions and are extremely interesting, it is free, and like we said, you can drink beer.




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