WATCH: Detroit Symphony Orchestra Awesomely Flash Mobs IKEA Canton

Our Detroit Symphony Orchestra is quite a valuable regional institution, and it only brings people together when they reach out across Metro Detroit to do performances. Usually, our well-trained and talented group of classical and pop musicians are in venues with great acoustics and might have suits and ties.. not jeans and t-shirts.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Ikea Canton After all, IKEA is more known for it’s furniture than fine arts performances.

But the IKEA in Canton was the venue of this symphonic flash mob where they played “Ode to Joy” to a group of surprised onlookers.

All we have to say about it is… Bravo, DSO, Bravo!

Here’s the list as provided by the Orchestra of musicians:

Kimberly Kaloyanides Kennedy, associate concertmaster

Hai-Xin Wu, assistant concertmaster

Jiamin Wang, violin

Jing Zhang, violin

Hang Su, viola

Shanda Lowery-Sachs, viola

David LeDoux, cello

Sarah Cleveland, cello

Larry Hutchinson, bass

David Buck, principal flute

Jung-Wan Kang, flute

Shannon Orme, clarinet

Michael Ke Ma, bassoon

Mark Abbott, horn

Johanna Yarbrough, horn

Hunter Eberly, principal trumpet

Joseph Becker, principal percussion


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  1. Alan Stamm

    A video worth posting, no question, but this was an arranged promotion coordinated by DSO and Ikea — not a “symphonic flash mob.”

    An /r/Detroit user identified as J. Spak posts Jan. 26:

    “I work at this IKEA and got to stand and watch it firsthand. It wasn’t really a flash mob because it was announced on the news prior to the performance.”

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