WATCH: Dancing through the streets of Detroit for the holidays

What happens when you stick a camera in the back of a vehicle and then proceed to dance and run in a santa hat through the streets of Detroit in 20 degree weather?


The video features a guy named Marty Stano who is apparently a former TEDxUMDearborn speaker. All that this two-tweet Twitter account shares is that the video is  part of the beginning of a movement called #Awesomefeet. The site listed,, is a parked domain at the time of this writing.

Stano, according to this TEDx blog, spent an experimental semester homeless.. as well as time in Chile after selling all of his physical possessions that would not fit into his backpack. And now.. he’s dancing in the streets of Detroit for Christmas time.

Frankly, we have no idea what this is Awesomefeet thing is going to be about.. we’re too busy being entranced by his dancing Detroit holiday antics. We’ll find out later. Enjoy!

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